Introducing Myself

Not too long ago, over at In the Library with the Lead Pipe, Emily Ford talked about the need for a philosophy of librarianship. As she acknowledged, pursuing this foundation for the profession is an old endeavor, and plenty of people are actively trying to answer the questions involved right now. For a while, I’ve been developing my own take on a philosophy of librarianship, but doing so purely as a natural outgrowth of trying to understand my own role and how it fits with my worldview. I have a long ways to go before I can confidently say that I hold in my hands THE philosophy of librarianship. Honestly, I doubt I’ll ever be able to say that. But if I ever can, dialogue will be the catalyst.

I chose the title of this blog because it is a very good shorthand for what I think the foundation of librarianship is, as well as the reason I can be a librarian and have it fit so well with my worldview. As I write here in the future, I’ll try to explain what I mean by that shorthand. But the main point right now, the reason why it makes sense to start a blog, is the dialogue. My ideas will develop best as I engage with other people. Blogs are good discussion starters. At least that’s what I see in the other blogs I follow.

I’ll leave you with that for now. I have plenty of notions to explore with you, but this is the kind of broad topic that can overwhelm. So I’m hoping to explore it in small chunks.


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